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Some of our Current Residents

Family ran 501c3 and some great supporters making a difference 1 horse at a time

Saving one horse at a time & you can help too! Like our facebook page, share a post or a fundraiser online, you don't have to financially donate to help!

We believe every horse deserves to live without fear, neglect or hunger. There are better options than a horse trader or kill buyer.


"Saving just one horse will not change the world but it will change the world for the one horse"


We take in and provide sanctuary for your horse!  There are options other than a big business horse trader. . 

Cant' be rode? Cant afford the cost of feed?  Cant afford the vet/farrier costs? NO judgement.... its ok contact us.

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Livestock Auction

Overcrowded pens, skinny sick and hurt horses.  Some auctions are better than others but the end result is the same... if someone doesn't rescue them they'll be purchased by a meat buyer....largely sold and slaughtered for human consumption.

Get in Touch

Owner Surrender

Things happen and life changes. We can help find your equine a good home or provide it a soft landing.