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Its been awhile.. we've been BUSY!!!!!

Greetings friends and fans of WonderRidge. We've been busy little bee's here at the sanctuary/rescue. We rescued 30 horses the past two years and are still going strong. On top of that we have started bringing our ponies Birdie and Angel out into the public doing good deeds! We took them to a nursing/retirement facility and are at the Freight House Farmers Market in Davenport for the remainder of the season.

We rehomed 4 horseys to their forever homes this year. Dante and Cheyenne went with our niece to Colorado to live in a absolutely beautiful place. Willie and Reina hit the jackpot in their new home in Nebraska with some long time family friends.

We have our 501c3 accreditation which is fantastic but we still need your help to keep doing good out there!

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